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Halfbite Cafe is a well-known cafe that provides the best quality food. We provide high-class food products only. We are able to maintain strict hygiene standards thanks to our open kitchen. Halfbite Cafe combines palatable experiences that deliver authentic tastes from a team of experienced people. Let's catch up with us and enjoy your food.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a franchisee. We strive to provide the best food in every corner of India. Our main goal is to satisfy the taste buds of our customers. Anyone interested in franchising is welcome to contact us.

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Our History

It was a very long and interesting journey of my life. As I had a great interest in food restaurants and cafes.

Therefore, I joined London's University of Science and Technology in 2012 as a student to get a BSc degree in food science.

I worked for 4 years in the UK in different hotels and restaurants. I wanted to gather some knowledge regarding food cafes. There I explored numerous food items based on traditional, street, and famous food. I noticed specialized coffee brands in the UK like Brazil coffee beans and Costa Ricca Coffee beans. The recipe was so fascinating that I added it to my dream list of recipes. One day I ate a pizza that was very delicious. The name of that mouth-watering pizza was Farm House, liked by Indians as well.

In between, I came back to India and started research work in a management role in the food industry.

After collecting 10 years of experience I wanted to open a cafe. Then I shared my idea with one of my friend. He eventually liked it. We decided to open a cafe with a trendy name. After considering a lot of names we decided to grab a name that is Halfbite Cafe. As a person must get a bite first, in order to eat anything complete.

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